Teenage Wasteland

Thanksgiving break has come and gone here at DS106, and with next week bearing the full weight of the final exams upon our collective shoulders, now is the time to look back and see what we’ve done in our final preparations for the main event. Over the course of the last two weeks, I modernized a classic TV ad; painted my house red – figuratively, not literally; returned to the proverbial pumpkin patch; took snapshots of a week in my life; made an a cappella mash-up; attempted to remake the podcast I made for my mid-term exam; and paid tribute to my friends and family on both sides of the “Great Divide.” Also, I had a brief conversation with my mother, with regards to how mash-ups and remixes actually work, but that, suffice it to say, is neither here nor there.

The main lesson I took away from these two weeks is that it’s never too late to show off your creative side, and remixes and mash-ups are their own, bizarre form of creativity, as they provide us with different perspectives on the world around us using things originally made to show just one way. I do understand that progress can harm, as much as it can help, and the corporations of the world can at least agree with me on that, but the reason why one of the biggest films of 1994 was entitled Reality Bites is because it actually shows us what happens when we opt to see things from one perspective alone – in the end, everyone suffers. We need new perspectives to better understand how to make the world a place worth fighting for and living in, and remixes and mash-ups are among the most effective ways I can think of nowadays that can help us do that.

As for my favorite challenge of this particular grading period, I would have to vote for “Alice (Still) Lives Here,” as a sentimental gesture. While my one-man recut of the “Wacky History” podcast was a full-circle conclusion to one of the more awkward parts of this semester, it was my remix of a photo of a high-school shooter, to promote cancer awareness, that I felt needed to be done at this point in time, since cancer’s as real as it gets.

Thank you for reading this penultimate edition of my weekly summaries for this semester; check back in next week for the big finish. I’m Mitchell Eubank, reminding you that you only get one chance to make a good last impression.

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