This description of the exquisite corpse parlor game is taken from Chapter 9 of the open source textbook “Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with adobe Creative Suite” – link: “Exquisite corpseā€ is a parlor game that the Surrealists developed in 1925. In this game, each player submits images (drawings, paintings, photographs) of heads, torsos, and legs, and they are combined to produce surprising new bodies. We have played this game with students using images of each other that we captured in class on a digital camera, as well as by using images from pop culture, found on the web. Collaging celebrity and politician body parts can provoke thoughtful discussion. Images of students are on the wiki, but it’s more fun to try this with pictures of your friends or family! For this assignment you can work with friends, family or just yourself. Make photos of body parts like face, hands, ears, arms, legs, torso (front or back), etc. Use an image editor with layers to combine the separate parts into a surprising new body. If you need help you can follow the tutorial here – – which includes example files you can practice with, but afterward make your own Exquisite Corpse and share it on your blog.

Our fifth, and final, Design Assignment this week is another mandatory option, the “exactly what it says on the tin” four-star challenge. My selection was a 1920s parlor game, played between Surrealists of the era, known as the Exquisite Corpse.

As you can see, I decided to get a little festive with this particular entry, given that October is the month of Halloween, a night of tricks, treats, and, if you’re in a horror movie, traps. Since the festival formerly known as Samhain is essentially one giant freak show, without the big top, I decided to create my own creature, straight out of the morgue, for your screaming and staring pleasure.

Bits and pieces were swept off the cutting-room floor and strewn together to make this monstrosity, including a severed hand for all of its limbs, a collection of exposed guts with a familiar face sewn on for its torso, an ear here, an ear there, and the head of an evil dust-bunny come to life!

Once the rest of the nuts and bolts were disposed of, I hit the switch, sent ten thousand volts of electricity through my corpse’s soul, and could only watch in manic glee, as my monster now walks, and talks, with thee!

With this, I conclude my weekly labors with a grand total of fifteen-and-a-half stars.

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