“Create a signuature symbol that can represent your personality type. Upload the symbol using jpg or png. Tell us about your signature symbol and what does it means to you. If there is any thing superstitious about your signature, share it with us.”

All this week, we had to take part in five different Design Assignments, worth up to twelve stars. My first entry, worth three stars, allowed me to create my own signature, and in my case, I decided to sum up my personality with another minimalist work.

The design for my personal symbol is essentially my Zodiac sign, Virgo, laid over a drawing of a four-leaf clover, with the entire design reflecting shades of green throughout. As one site notes, the clover, itself, is considered a good-luck charm in several parts of the world, including America, to the point that, next to the butterfly, it’s one of the most common tattoo designs in the world, as well. Western cultures believe that each leaf of the clover symbolizes a common theme: hope, faith, love, and, of course, luck; in Ireland, however, the first three leaves represent the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – with the fourth leaf designated to “bring God’s grace,” according to traditional folklore.

As for the Virgo half of my symbol, that one’s as academic as it gets: The logo already looks like a stylized version of my first and last initials, and I am, in fact, a Virgo, as I was born on September 10, 1990. According to the website,, which specializes in astrology, “The Virgo personality is a complex mix of intelligence, common sense, attention to detail, and commitment.” The fact that I’m even in the University of Mary Washington, at all, is probably the best evidence there is, at the moment, regarding that statement.

This leaves us with the consistent use of the color, green, in the final product. If my memory of color symbolism serves me correctly, green can be used to reference some rather opposing characteristics; this can include mixing good luck with misfortune, service with inexperience, and generosity and fertility with jealousy and envy. Naturally, with all of that in mind, the goal is to show the audience that opposites can, in fact, attract.

For that to happen, I made my background a bright lime green, while darker shades were used for the clover and, even more so, for the Virgo symbol. As it happens, I went with a lime-green background, to catch the audience’s attention, and darker shades on the main logo, to ensure their focus is maintained. This tells people that while I am as “trendy, whimsical, and lively” as a young up-and-comer in my chosen field, I can also be as “traditional, trustworthy, and well-balanced” as a veteran in the craft. The end result of this experiment was something that was quick to make on GIMP, and even quicker to upload onto Flickr.

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