To reinforce your understanding, you need to undertake a “Design Blitz.” Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts listed below (one photo per concept). The concepts are discussed in length above but here is a list of the concepts.
•minimalism & use of space
•Share all your photos on Flickr and tag them designblitz; also make sure you write up a blog post sharing what you found and tag it “designblitz”.
•When you have completed your Blitz, write a blog post that includes (THAT MEANS EMBED!) the photos and your analysis of the design elements and what makes them effective or not. (You should do this in one single post.)
•PRO TIP: Sometimes we can learn just as much from badly designed things as we can from well-designed things!

My first photo, of a handicapped parking space, represents the tenets of form, function, and message, as the sign itself warns those who see it that certain spots on parking lots are reserved for handicapped people, who have become too injured to properly function for the time being. Those who refuse to take heed of this lone warning will be penalized accordingly.

Design Blitz!

The second exhibit in our gallery, a Fred Bus sign, recognizes minimalism in its design, as it literally does more with less, by showing incoming passengers where they’re headed once their bus comes along. As for the “Fred” logo itself, it would make sense for a town with such a vaunted historical background as Fredericksburg, Virginia, to have a font providing just enough of a hint of Colonial times, to give a bit of interest to those of us willing to see it in modern times.

Design Blitz!

With my third selection, the logo for Bob’s Pools and Spas, I decided to give a nod to the concept of metaphors and symbols in Digital Storytelling, as the swimmer logo immediately gets the attention of passers-by, since a store that primarily sells swimming pools and spas would naturally be geared towards the aquatically gifted among us. Between the simple choice of unofficial mascots; the use of different shades of blue – the archetypal color of water – for both font and mascot; and the fonts themselves providing a feeling of a long-running family operation, to say nothing of the bits of silvery gray peeking out from behind the main logo, to provide a three-dimensional illusion to a two-dimensional image, the completed logo is a sight to see, in itself. If nothing else, it really feels like you’re seeing someone compete in a swimming relay.

The last picture in this collection, a “No Skateboards or Bicycles Allowed” sign, provides the right amount of balance to me, as the lettering is symmetrical from a vertical perspective, while still keeping its message straightforward.

Design Blitz!

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