You’ve probably seen those videos where people take a photo of themselves every day for a year or seven years or some crazy length of time. Make a DS106 version! Take a photo of yourself every day for a week (7 days, 5 if you’re lazy), and put them into a video. Try to make your face line up in the video for a seamless transition.

“A Week in Five Frames,” my first official foray into the world of mashups, is an example of “A Picture A Day,” which is exactly what it says on the tin. After taking five photographs of myself from November 16-20, I edited them together to make a seven-second video, where every frame, including the opening and closing credits, lasted for precisely one second, and no longer. Thankfully, the pictures I chose kept a specific theme of moving the camera slightly, while my eyes still kept their focus on the lens as it moved. Since some of the assignments we’re allowed to take part in include recycling old footage, I decided to use the drumroll intro from my Morse Code Challenge as the basic theme for my video. The timing of the cymbal crash, with the final photo’s reveal, makes everything worth it for me on that front. The illusion of the camera moving while the shots are counted off was also my idea, as it really felt like a stop-motion version of a home movie, with the pan-and-scan “effect” coming along nicely, to say nothing of having the eyes stay focused on the lens at all times, like a modern-day Mona Lisa. After the editing process was completed, I saved it on Windows Live Movie Maker, and uploaded it onto my YouTube channel, for three-and-a-half stars.



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