MY DAILY CHALLENGE FOR TODAY IS: Write a poem about what it is like to be alone with your thoughts.

I’ll let the music play in the background, as you read this.

“DECONSTRUCTION” by Mitchell Eubank

Given how hectic one’s life can be,

You’d be forgiven for suspecting all they want’s to be free.

A moment alone is all most of us need.

Alas, though, my thoughts only worsen my greed.

We speak, time and again, of desire for privacy,

Yet how many can live with our guilt, and our piracy?

The mistakes we still make are too much to count,

And the consequences caused have just started to mount.

I want to help others, regardless of desire.

If nothing else, their happiness will, at least, douse my fire.

You see, before anyone can get to work in construction,

They must first undertake their own personal destruction.

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