Francesco Levato is nothing, if not unique. The director of the Chicago School of Poetics, when he isn’t working on his Poetry PhD at Illinois State, today’s Daily Create challenge is a part of one of his more recent experiments, as he planned to use one of the social media sites our DS106 projects are based off of, as the basis for a long-form poem, currently entitled “#pxc001.” Ergo, the challenge for me was simply to continue the poem, using whatever I had on my mind at the moment. Keeping up with what seems to be my weekly theme of storytelling exaggerating life to make a point, I uploaded these words, as my addition to “the poem Twitter wrote:”

This brings up the reasoning behind my addition to Levato’s “poem,” which is that, for all the talk of who’s the best at something, or who’s the greatest at something, we don’t have any evidence to support our theories. We’re living on a finite planet, of finite materials, with finite means of survival, in an infinite, and uncaring, cosmos. Life, as we know it, has no meaning, save for what we put into it, if there’s anything to put into it at all. Every choice we make in this life is going to have consequences for us, and others like us. All those who’ve treated the love of their life to a fancy dinner date, at a high-end restaurant, will forget that somewhere else in the world, someone’s starving to death. Every one of us who spends their vacations at an expensive hotel, is going to forget that someone has no home to call their own, no medicine to cure them of their sickness, and no reason to care, whatsoever, about the separate, yet equally damaging, plights of others like them, around the world.

It seems that ever since we “survived” the Y2K hoax of 1999, everyone seems to have succumbed to a feeling of invincibility. We believe we’re infallible, and that we can survive anything and everything that comes our way, a form of misplaced optimism that was further strengthened by the initial reactions to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. From that day on, it seems that we, as a species, have been collectively adamant in maintaining the status quo we’ve set up for ourselves, flaws and all, even in the face of common sense. Evolution, itself, is an endless chain of events, done with the purpose of eliminating those who are simply unfit to survive in increasingly oppressive climates. The K-T event, which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, is the most impressive example of this.

I say that because this is the only planet we’ve got, and this is the only life we’ve got. We talk like gods, and we have the powers of such. Now, the time has come for us to act the part, and to back up our claims. When all is said and done here, we can either live by the sword, or die by the sword, but whatever happens from now on, it’s important that we don’t trust anybody, who isn’t willing to act on their beliefs.

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