The final Daily Create assignment I took up for this week had us use puppets to say goodbye to DS106 teacher Jim Groom, as he left for a new life in Italy. My response to this was the creation of something that can be summed up as “Socko Italiano,” as I used several tools to create a talking sock puppet that, in retrospect, should’ve been named “Mario,” for the sake of completion.

As for the things I used to create the video they were the aforementioned sock; a red scrunchie; red, black and green Crayola “fine-line” markers; paper; toothpicks; tape; scissors; and the top half of a Little Caesars pizza box. After a moment or two of drawing the eyes and hair, I made two small Italian flags – three horizontal stripes of red, white and green – out of paper and markers, cut them out with a pair of scissors, taped them onto a pair of toothpicks, and stuck them through the fabric of the sock.

Once everything was put together, complete with a red “hat” made by part of the scrunchie, I used the scissors to cut a hole in the pizza box, from which I could stick my sock puppet out, for the video proper. After that, I filmed the video on a “mp4” format, which YouTube allows for transfers.

I uploaded the finished product onto YouTube, before repeating the process on the Daily Create’s Twitter account, to complete the assignment.

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