This Daily Create challenge was a tough one, primarily because I didn’t know how to pull it off properly. To be more specific, the goal was to take a photograph, and use a photo editor, or Photoshop, in my case, to design it however we chose.

Unfortunately, the assignment was co-sponsored by the Noun Project, who literally put “ants in someone’s pants” as an example. Since I didn’t have the time to argue with myself over trivial affairs such as this, I opted to follow their lead and base my latest self-portrait on the titular idiom, meaning to get something from the highest authority.

I used a rejected take from last week’s “emophoto” shoot as my base, and edited it to include a horse’s mouth off to the side, as if I was hearing it talk to me. From there, things were as academic as ever; once I was satisfied with the final product, I downloaded it on my computer, uploaded it to my Flickr account, sent the link over to the Daily Create’s Twitter feed, and finished my first assignment this week.

I think the imagery speaks for itself this time around. After all, where else do you want to hear the latest news?

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