A recent Geico commercial implies that “if you’re the band, Europe, you love a final countdown,” because “it’s what you do.” With logic like that, I could easily say that if you’re the band, Bon Jovi, you give love a bad name, because it’s what you do. Since today’s Daily Create assignment was about mashing up popular logos, with splicing apparently allowed, I decided to do the same thing, to properly honor these two glam metal supergroups.

For starters, I needed to find a site that housed the fonts necessary to pull off such an illusion; in this case, I visited, which provided a logo generator using each band’s respective fonts. Since the “Europa” and “Bon Jovi” fonts were already available for use in the music category, it didn’t take long to create today’s entries; all I did was type one band’s name into the logo generator using the other band’s font, and vice versa. From there, I simply downloaded each finished mash-up onto my computer, uploaded both of them onto Flickr, and sent them over to the Daily Create’s Twitter account, completing my first Daily Create this week.

If that doesn’t work out, I’ve also used these steps to make two more entries, also available for viewing on the usual sites; the first one uses Nickelodeon’s current coloring scheme, and Cartoon Network’s lettering, while the other uses an inverse of Team Fortress 2‘s coloring scheme, combined with Call of Duty‘s lettering.

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