The assignment we had for today’s Daily Create involved making what was dubbed a “Nature Stick Person,” and taking a photo of it that tells a story. Since our week-long assignment involving these tasks is to make a coherent story out of all four of our nominees, and since I skipped yesterday’s selection on account of the fact that I can’t dance, it seems that my entry for today will have to set the mood alongside my first entry this week: my William Shakespeare salute.

Materials Part 2
Materials Part 3

Keeping that in mind, I started my assignment by getting various materials from my backyard, including sticks for my figure’s body, leaves for its clothes, and an acorn for its head, while also using other bits of household junk to either tie everything together, such as the rope, or provide something to keep his head warm in this cooling weather, like the foil hat I used here.

Once I got everything together – both with and without the rope – it was finally time for the photo shoot proper. While the shots were taken outdoors, as we were recommended to do, I opted to use the outside of my house as a temporary backdrop.

One of the pictures, in particular, had the stick figure strike a pose that, to me, felt a lot like James Dean’s pose, from the legendary movie poster for Rebel Without a Cause. Another had the figure “dance” before the camera, which was pretty funny.

NSP Photo Shoot 1
NSP Photo Shoot 2
NSP Photo Shoot 3

My story so far seems to revolve around the lament of an all-powerful king, who can create life on a whim, yet has no one to share his own life with. The aforementioned Shakespeare salute is the king’s godly voice, in the earliest moments of this speech, while the stick figure represents the beings he created with his powers early on in his own life, as an early example of his creative abilities. I’ll have to wait and see what the other two pieces of the puzzle will be, before I jump to conclusions again.

As always, once I had the necessary shots, I uploaded everything onto my computer, as well as my Flickr account. I won’t be uploading anything onto Twitter this time, save for the article that you’re reading now.

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