Choose a sidewalk crack and make it into art. With thanks to Carla Sonheim. You can find a series of images in Carla’s website and clear instructions. Print one you like and ‘finish it’ by hand. Or take your own sidewalk crack photo.

Sidewalk Crack Art

My first Daily Create task for this portion of the semester involves the creation of sidewalk crack art. Considering that autumn is the time of the year for squirrels to store their – cue the coughing fit – nuts for the winter, in preparation for their yearly hibernation cycles, I decided to base my picture on a squirrel finding one of the last available acorns. Having found the right sidewalk crack patterns to make this picture work, all that was left for me to do was upload it onto Photoshop, and get to work making the squirrel stand out. I used black lines to make the figure more prominent, I filled in some key spaces with a necessary color scheme, while making the squirrel’s fur match the gray concrete of the sidewalk, and I even gave my squirrel a pink bow, to further match the cracks. The moment that I was satisfied with the final product, I downloaded it onto my server, and uploaded it onto my Flickr account and Twitter feed, both of which for further viewing.

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