Take a selfie using a filter you have never used before, or one you hardly ever use.

Filtered Selfie

This Daily Create task helped out with my editing skills, via the use of self-portraits. In this case, I used my Amazon Kindle to take the photo. The process was a bit complicated, so I’ll have to keep things short and sweet, but for the most part, I made sure not to look into the “camera” directly – the camera in question was actually the Kindle monitor’s camera application pointed towards me, hence the lack of hands – and find the right balance of contrast and brightness to provide the illusion of a black-and-white photo, in drawing form. As an added bonus, I edited my name onto an alternate version of this portrait, which I’ve appropriately dubbed my “Signature Series Edition,” using Photoshop. Once I was satisfied with both of my efforts, I saved everything, sent both entries to my e-mail account, saved them again there, and uploaded each of them, one at a time, onto my Flickr account and Twitter feed, thus completing my second assignment for this portion of the semester.

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