This Daily Create challenge involved us creating a “grook,” which is a type of poem intended to uplift its readers in a rather confusing way. The creation of this project was rather limited, since I decided to promote it using a short music video, containing background audio from the Dave Matthews Band song, “Ants Marching,” to sum up my feelings for such a form of poetry. I chose various images to show the viewers watching it that they shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks, for they are there to help those who do take them, learn from any mistakes they make as a result. The opening credits were lifted from old wrestling promos that usually started with the line, “The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order,” and the closing credits were your traditional cinematic scroll-up. Each photo – all of which were from the public domain, according to Bing Images – told the image of someone panicking at the mere mention of risks being involved in what they’re about to do, and someone close to them, telling them it’ll be okay, before the first person takes the risk, leaving it up to the viewer if they survive their act of alleged foolishness or not. The video ends with my two-line “grook,” which doubles as the moral of the short story. Also, I give the viewers a happy holiday, since today has something to do with military awareness, or something. Either way, the final product’s now available for viewing on YouTube and Twitter, if anyone is interested.


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