For these two weeks, we’re only meant to do three Daily Create assignments instead of the usual four or six. Keeping that in mind, today’s task was to “make art about the infraordinary, not the extraordinary,” and “rediscover the astonishment of the ordinary for art and life.” If anything sums up this criteria nicely, it was the infamous “How Many Licks” ad for Tootsie Roll Pops from 1970.

Yes, that was the original commercial – in its entirety, no less – and yes, I used this assignment to modernize it as a glorified cell phone ad. Using no background music, to better reflect the original campaign’s feel, and providing the voices for all of the characters, I updated the classic commercial for the 21st century, giving Mr. Owl and Mr. Fox suspiciously similar-sounding voices, in order to show that being “wise” and being “clever” can mean the same thing, unlike “figuratively” and “literally.” I also included the modern-day reading of the ad’s signature closing lines, as opposed to the narration from the original ad, to bridge the proverbial “generation gap” more effectively. After editing everything to my liking on Audacity, I published everything as is, exported the audio as its own MP3 file, and uploaded it to both my SoundCloud account, and my Twitter feed, for your listening and dancing pleasure.


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