I’m not too sure of this assignment myself, but with four-and-a-half stars at stake as of press time, I really need to speed things up for the big finish this time next week. So, for today’s task, I have to “strip or mute the music out of the modern music video,” and “layer the classical music on top.” To make a long story short, it’s Music Appreciation Day at DS106! Again, I might be grasping for straws, depending on what can properly be described as “modern” and what can not. However, I’ve got one week to turn this grading period around for the better, so it’s time for me to show – and tell – exactly how I’m going to do just that.


This was a rather simplistic challenge, all things considered. For one thing, finding the necessary video and song to edit in time were both relatively easy, once you did a quick YouTube search of them. Specifically, I went with the music video for Fall Out Boy’s hit, “Uma Thurman,” and the finale of the “William Tell Overture,” which is also known as the theme to the Lone Ranger franchise. After that, I used a downloading site,, to download one in WMV format, so I could edit it more effectively on Windows Live Movie Maker, and the other in MP3 format, so I could use Audacity to see what could be done to trim the fat, if it needed to be trimmed at all.


From there, it was all over but the credits sequences, referencing the traditional music video credits on the bottom-left corner of the screen for the opener, and using the same cinematic roll-up as before as my closer. As an added bonus, I decided to have the song start again, from the beginning, right as Fall Out Boy’s “assistant for a day” entered a tank to run over a truck.


The biggest problem of all, however, was which site I ultimately decided to upload to. While my use of the “William Tell Overture” finale was blocked in some countries – but not in the U.S. – according to YouTube, the fact that I used the entirety of one of the Universal Music Group’s videos in my entry was all it took to receive a copyright strike. My Vimeo account, on the other hand, was able to get my entry up and running, half an hour after I uploaded it onto their site.

While little effort was needed on my part, it was still one of the better experiences I’ve had at this point in the semester. I can only hope that things turn out just as well for me in the next seven days, as they have been in the last seven.

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