Our third and final Visual Assignment for the week is also the one all of my classmates had to undertake, as we took a simple household object, and tried to see it in a new way. Naturally, I decided to go with a tomato, since it was the only thing I could find on such short notice. As for how I made all of these images, it’s simple: Use the tomato to start with, and then let my imagination, and the junk drawer, go wild. For these pictures, I started with the “Tomato Captain,” which set the theme for pirates and the ocean. I added gadgets to the tomato, to represent different things, took pictures, and took them into Photoshop. Then, I changed the hue, the saturation, added layers, and kicked it up a notch. As always, I uploaded all the finished products onto my Flickr account, thus completing the assignment in full.

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