My first of three Visual Assignments this week is to provide a “digital facelift” to a one-dollar bill, based on a gallery dedicated to drawing on money. This particular challenge, as well as the two to follow, were all worth three-and-a-half stars at the time of their selection, making my weekly total ten-and-a-half stars.

For the sake of brevity, I basically went with the type of graffiti you normally see on money, including the stereotypical French mustache and beret; the opening lyrics to an infamous folk song; declarations of love; a bouquet of flowers; and two nods to classic pop culture references, namely “Kilroy was here,” a popular catchphrase associated with graffiti dating back to the days of World War II, and “Show me the money,” the line that won Cuba Gooding, Jr., his Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1996. It took me eight layers of editing, including the original dollar, for this to work; once I did, though, I was one quick upload to Flickr away from completing my first assignment of the week.

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