Our mandatory challenge this week, worth four stars when the teacher told us it was worth five, involved manipulating the website of our choice to, more or less, fit our mood that day.

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I started my assignment by taking Ms. Polack’s advice, and downloading the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles application onto my computer; to be more specific, I just bookmarked the actual program onto my Mozilla Firefox account. After that was done, I experimented with it just a bit, if only to see where everything fits; from there, it would all come down to finding the site I needed to remix.

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I ultimately chose an article about a recent episode of NBC’s The Today Show, where Matt Lauer interviewed three cast members from the Back to the Future movies, in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the original film’s theatrical release. For my remix, I kept the Lauer interview intact, but treated the events of the first film as if they actually happened, while hinting at the themes of the sequels.

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Keeping that in mind, I decided to use two remixes for this project; the first one would give me a blueprint of the original site to work with, and the second one would be the one with my edited story. The end result was an abridgement of the events of the first film, without the less important, or more embarrassing additions, to the script; this includes the likes of Marty tricking Biff Tannen into driving his car into the back of a manure truck, or George telling Lorraine that she was his “density.”

When all is said and done, however, I think this was one of my better performances this semester, next to inventing a comedy-based Audio Assignment that’s all about the joys of mixing signals, while learning how Audacity works. I hope you enjoyed the first “Back to the Future Day” on October 21st, 2015, but like my article points out, the celebration’s not over yet.

Headline News - October 21, 2015
"Existential Plane B"

Here is the original site, and here is the remixed version.

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