I’m sorry I’m late.
Heavy traffic this morning
Has cost me a grade.

What are you, crazy?
No teacher’s ever been a

Even if that’s true,
My teacher will not approve
Of absent students!

Just take a deep breath,
Think of today’s assignment,
And you’ll be okay.

We’re writing haikus?
It’s Japanese poetry.
That makes it better.

What’s wrong with you now?
I’m stressed out, and I’m confused.
How do I write a haiku?!

Count the syllables.
Start with five, then with seven,
Then with five again.

Are you serious?
There has to be more to this!
There just has to be!

I assure you, that’s all.
In fact, I’d say you’ve improved,
Thanks to your classmate.

Teacher! I’m sorry!
Don’t worry. I ran late, too.
You’re free to go, kid.

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