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Give Me Five

We’re five weeks into DS106, and in the last seven days, I made sure not to look a gift horse in the mouth; saluted the end of one era with a nod to the end of another; celebrated the International Day of Peace with some latte art; put all my cards on the table because I could; said “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” to a lesser-known conflict in Korea; and got to know my future partners for the upcoming mid-terms. Also, these things happened.

My lesson this week involves balance between life at the workplace, and life at home. When working under deadlines, it is of the utmost importance that you don’t take your time for granted, as anything that can distract you from accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, will. Sometimes, those who can help you out with your projects aren’t going to be there to do so, which only adds to the stress. Ultimately, there’s a reason why an old saying suggests that patience should be taken as a virtue, and it’s because everything will, hopefully, turn out for the better in the end. It’s okay to enjoy your life, every once in a while, but you’ll only have yourself to blame if your stories make no sense to your designated audience.

As for my favorite assignment of the week, that would have to go to two Daily Creates, which couldn’t have come at a better time for me. To be more specific, I’m talking about the challenges where I made latte art for this past Monday’s International Day of Peace, and when I took a Japanese print, currently in the public domain, and made it feel like a scene from MASH. These were great stress relievers during this last week, as I felt like I was strapped for time, and didn’t have any idea how to work through some of the week’s more important assignments. I am not saying I now know how those who actually worked in Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, back in the days of the actual Korean War, felt during their stay in foreign lands, but different events in life can trigger similar emotions. If nothing else, these Daily Create tasks make for an interesting alternative form of therapy.

As always, everything was turned in on time, without complaint. I still don’t have any problems to note, going into the mid-term podcast. This concludes both my weekly retrospective, and the first third of my semester as a digital storyteller; I hope to see you all again soon.

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