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Introductions Are In Order

I, Mitchell Eubank, am currently taking classes for a Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Mary Washington. This weblog, whose name implies I’ll be talking about current events, is actually a part of my ongoing Digital Storytelling 106 class, or DS106, for short. This is my first attempt at owning a weblog of my own, and I can only hope I make it to the end of the semester before things really start to go off the tracks. Given that DS106 is an online class for me, and I’m also taking Newsgathering at the same time as this, it might not even take that long. Hopefully, I can pull through and make this all worthwhile, especially since I’m turning 25 this September 10th. I wouldn’t want to let this year, like any year of my life, go to waste so soon.


Mitchell Eubank.

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