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Last Call for Mr. Eubank!

For my final created Daily Create assignment for this semester, I decided to do an a cappella cover of the song, “Everyone,” from the Backstreet Boys’ 2002 album, Black & Blue. After looking up the lyrics on the Internet, I used Audacity to record me singing them, as close to the original track as possible, without any instrumental accompaniment of any kind. A few minor edits with the footage later, I turned everything in – once I saved it all – using my SoundCloud account.



P.S. If anyone asks, the reason there’s no number next to this Daily Create is because my applications were turned in hours before this article went up. This will be updated, in full, the moment this becomes a legitimate task.


Mitchell Eubank.

This is just a reminder…
Since I’ve yet to hear from the Daily Create’s Twitter feed regarding this last-minute entry, I decided to send them this article on my own, just in case they missed anything these past few days. Again, I apologize for not responding sooner, since I was putting as much effort into my last project as possible. Either way, here’s the link I sent the Daily Create.

In closing, I wanted to say “thanks” to Ms. Polack again, for providing such an enjoyable class. I really wish that there was another level to this.

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