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Like a “Virgin”

My final Daily Create challenge of the week was inspired by a series of YouTube videos by user Will Tribble, which abridged famous movies in one take, and in one minute or less. Since my scheduling conflicts have done wonders for my mental health, I decided to just do a Twitter post, instead. I’m not going to say much about this movie, save for the fact that everyone remembers their first time, including directors.

Once I chose the film I was going to abridge, I quickly typed up the script, knowing it was only going to be 140 characters, at best; yes, that includes spaces, and yes, I checked. Once I was satisfied with what I had, I opened up the Daily Create’s Twitter feed on their homepage, and edited everything within the limits, before turning it in. This is despite the fact that I fear there might be some grammar errors in the consistent lack of the word, “the,” in the last four sentences, which is a huge setback when it comes to “microblogging.” Overall, I am greatly satisfied with what I’ve brought to the table, and I hope to see if anyone can guess what the title of this film is, given the minimalist description, and my earlier clue, on top of that.

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