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Little Shop of “Horrorgami”

Paper Dandy’s book “Horrorgami” contains all you need to just make these scary figures, but we want you to make your own horrorgami, as Halloween approaches, and use the examples as inspiration only. What is horrorgami? Well, it is spooky kirigami, of course! Okay, there is a YouTube tutorial and if you search for kirigami templates…you might get some help from Google. Photograph your final design with appropriate spooky lights, or video yourself making it and include your final design in the video.

Since I was already working myself to the bone creating my Video Assignments for the week, I decided that my third Daily Create would involve a bit of the old stand-by, photography. Since Halloween is this Saturday, I decided to try my luck and create my own haunted house.

"Little Shop of Horrorgami"

As for how this house was made, I first sketched out how I wanted it to look when the photo shoot occurred, before using both an Exacto knife, and a razor blade, in order to make the necessary cuts to the paper. Then, upon making sure everything was in their intended positions, I taped everything together, turned the bedroom lights off, and placed a flashlight in front of the house, for that otherworldly, “middle of a thunderstorm” effect. Think of those interrogation scenes in police dramas, and you’ll know how I positioned the flashlight. I personally liked how the black T-shirt I placed in the background not only improved on the fog effect I was going for, but also added a hidden ghost in the final photo. After all of that, I submitted everything to my Flickr account and my Twitter feed.

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