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Miss Baltimore Crabs

Our Daily Create challenge for the day was as simple as it gets: Describe what the dolphin was thinking as it first meets the crab in the picture. However, considering the latest news involving the upcoming Freddie Gray trials, I felt a bit of humor could ease some tensions, between the respective supporters of the plaintiffs and defendants in this particular case. I also poked fun at how Maryland and Maine are known for their crabs, but that joke was practically gift-wrapped.

In all honesty, I actually thought about whether or not I should upload these responses at all, at first. The former was inspired by my mother, as a play on words. Upon forming the latter idea in my head, as if it were a response a panelist on Whose Line Is It Anyway? might give in a game of “Scenes From a Hat,” it had come to my attention that, given recent events, it’s kind of taboo to so much as imply that you’re talking about racism on an online forum, such as this. On top of that, not everyone saw Zeus and Roxanne when it first hit theaters in 1997, let alone on DVD four years later, so even I don’t know if anyone could get the joke without a proper explanation.

Eventually, I talked things over with some family members at our Labor Day barbecue, and ultimately got permission to publish both of these responses online, as you can see here. Overall, I know who I am as I say this, but to me, acting like something isn’t a problem unless it directly involves you, and you alone, is not the best way to go about living your life. If you want to be the change you wish to see in the world, then stop pretending that you’re the only person that matters, and start doing everything, within reason, to make someone else’s life worth living.

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