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Photo Shop Class Dismissed

Write a blog post and see if you can figure out how to embed a flickr set into your blog post. Write about the reason why you selected those photos. Write about the story you are trying to say with any of them.

Phineas and Ferb on Abbey Road

Along with the minimal effort it took to personalize what was already a very personal Flickr account for me – I changed a couple of photo names and descriptions, before ultimately renaming my account after myself – this was actually one of my easier tasks to date, as important as it was, because it allowed me to show everything I’ve done, to a logical extent, in this class so far. The story I’m telling is, basically, my life story. This is a tale of someone who wants to fit in, and wants to be remembered, both for all the right reasons, despite his lack of social skills, mostly due to living with Asperger’s Syndrome his entire life, getting in his way, more often than not. He’s lived a pretty good life, all things considered, and as much as his dialogue tends to be out of this world, he does everything that he can to stay down to earth.

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