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Reflection #7: “The Reel World”

As part of the previous fortnight’s festivities, we had to make several short films that tested our editing ability to their limits. While I exceeded expectations with the efforts brought to the table in the last fourteen days, it wasn’t without the usual round of controversy, as my YouTube account received a copyright strike when I tried to turn in my “Classical-Modern Mashup;” ironically, it was the music video that would serve as the smoking gun of the piece, and not the song itself. Even then, everything still paid off, and the stories I told were mesmerizing from the first view.

Ten-Second Cinema” was my opening act, in which I created not one, but two additions to the “Five-Second Movies” canon, with Kimagure Orange Road, and Stay Tuned. With KOR, I summed up how far Kyosuke would go to protect his loved ones from harm as he uses his psychic powers to tear down a concrete wall that he was tied to! Then again, Stay Tunedcan be summed up in Pam Dawber’s infamous realization: “Dynamite? He’s going to hit me with a train, and blow me up?!” As it happens, I had fun making these two short films, and I think they’ll get audiences interested in seeing each of these properties for themselves.

My second assignment, “Bittersweet Symphony,” was the one that resulted in my copyright strike. The mashup consisted of the video for “Uma Thurman,” by Fall Out Boy, and the finale to the “William Tell Overture,” which is better known as the anthem of hectic montages everywhere. Suffice it to say, the song and footage fit so well, that I even let the song play again during the closing sequence, “sudden start” and all. The timing couldn’t have been more right when making this video, even with the copyright hiccup.

After that, we went back on the road again for an early “birthday” present. Just in time for his in-canon birthday on Sunday, I created a character description video of Kyosuke Kasuga himself, done to a performance of “Superstar,” from Jesus Christ Superstar, by the finalists from ITV’s Superstar; yes, all of this exists, and no, there aren’t any regrets to be had from this experience. This was one of my more ambitious works to date, and everything felt right, from the choice of clips, to the song providing the right mood for the situations Kyosuke went through in the series, as a sort of training montage for when he finally starts using his esper powers for self-defense during the show’s two-part finale. I actually enjoyed seeing the pieces fall into place the way they did, immaculate or intentional.

To prove that I was still far from the last ride in terms of creativity, my fourth assignment was a “selfie story,” which showcased my ride to and from school in these last few weeks of the semester. I even let my teacher get involved with one of the shots. This was actually rather interesting for me, as it shows that even things we take for granted, to the point that some of us think they’re mundane – myself, included – still hold a lot of storytelling potential; “a picture is worth a thousand words,” to say the least.

This brings us to “Cut, Print…Moving On,” a supercut of every time the title character’s introduction was used or lampooned in Episodes 31-60 of Darkwing Duck. In all seriousness, this was my endurance test; having to sift through thirty episodes, of one of the lynchpins of The Disney Afternoon, for every variation and subversion of the sequence, was among the more demanding acts I pulled as part of DS106. Once everything was counted, though, the final product was worth its weight in comedic gold, and then some.

This week was definitely one of the more interesting ones I’ve had in quite some time, but the fun isn’t over just yet! Tomorrow, I lock up the video vault, once and for all, with my most daring duty to date.

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