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Research and Development

My friend, Professor Caritat, is very curious about your purposes. So, can you write a six-line poem about your purpose for life? We will analyze the results, and publish a non-binary report on ‘How to have a life purpose’.

Today’s Daily Create assignment revolved around the creation of our own six-line poems about our purpose for life. In my case, I decided to twist the situation around a bit, and try to get inside the head of an indecisive person.

While I do admit the orange-and-black coloring scheme should’ve been on its way out now that Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving also has a tendency to use this color scheme, as well, so it all balances out. The poem itself basically sums up the feeling of being at the end of your proverbial rope, having tried everything, to help anyone in their darkest hour, and yet still not feeling satisfied because nothing good has come from your best efforts.

The poem really does feel like a brief examination of what goes on in an attention-seeker’s mind, as they become increasingly desperate, and frustrated, at all the good they’ve done either going to waste, or not being mentioned at all. The title, “Puzzle/Peace,” sums up this feeling by trying to make sense of not being powerful enough to help everyone in need – the “Puzzle” itself – and trying to find inner “Peace” within yourself after a costly affair; having the opening seconds of the 1970 Chicago hit, “25 or 6 to 4,” playing in the background doesn’t hurt the paranoia-stricken image, as much as it amplifies it.

After everything was edited to the best of my ability, I saved the footage, exported it as its own WMV file, uploaded it onto my YouTube channel, and finally, submitted the necessary link to my Twitter feed.

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