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Second Time Around

Another week ends, and another update begins, as Week Two of my DS106 experience is chronicled for your reading and viewing pleasure. While the last seven days of this class were no less hectic than the first, I feel like I managed to get a better grasp of what’s expected, given how well I managed to complete everything on Ms. Polack’s checklist. The plugins – namely Slickr-Flickr, Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, Jetpack and Akismet – were easier to upload than I first thought. Things did take a turn for the hilarious from time to time, be it confusing Superman for Rambo in one of my Daily Create challenges, or not being patient with the new TDC site’s loading time, even though the transfer in question was made official during this week’s proceedings. Despite that, all of the flaws were resolved in the end, and the necessary lessons were learned.

This week, the big issue surrounding my work was timing. As the week progressed, I learned that in life, nothing, not even time, should be taken for granted. While it is true that some people do want to hear your stories, the fact of the matter is that not all of them have the time to hear them, whether they’re told on stage or on a screen. News stories are about current events for a reason, after all. As a result, it did seem like I backed myself into a corner, with all of the micromanagement that goes into weblogs like this, but once I calmed down, and thought things through, I could see what I was supposed to do, and got the job done. With that in mind, I can confirm that no help is needed, everything was completed with optimum efficiency and, judging by the quality of the finished products alone, nothing could’ve been done any differently. Again, the individual challenges were all done on good terms, with a bit of creative thinking on my part for a number of them. My favorite challenge was writing and performing my own personal birthday song, just in time for my actual birthday this coming Thursday.

In short, this week had me relive my childhood in a gif, reintroduce myself, talk about two of the biggest names behind Digital Storytelling, take the piss out of one of the defining films of America’s bicentennial, and raise a toast to new and exciting places, before celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday in style. Also, this happened.

All in all, I am happy to report that things have vastly improved over the course of this week, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me, in future assignments.

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