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Sink or Swim

From an admittedly darker demonstration of my literary knowledge at work, to a more light-hearted one, as Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane inspired this Daily Create challenge, which was to write a short story about something that, to a child, might be seen as an ocean. Given that I didn’t live close enough to Lake Anna, to say nothing of its nearby power plant, to properly write about it, I decided to choose the closest possible thing to write about, namely my aunt Leanne and uncle Jeff’s swimming pool.

It is true, after all. My family and I did go swimming in Leanne’s backyard pool several times, over several summers, when I was a child and teenager. It helped me calm down from any pre-school anxiety I might’ve had back then, given that most of our visits occurred in late August, just before the start of another academic year. This was another quick upload to the usual sites for me, and considering the fact that my aunt Leanne shares the same birthday as me, I figured that this would be the perfect present for her. Happy birthday, Aunt Leanne, and thanks for the memories.

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