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Thoughtless Commies

Another assignment is completed, and another three-and-a-half stars are wasted, as I just finished editing my potential commercial for my upcoming mid-term podcast, “Wacky History.” In this advertisement, modeled after several segments from VH1’s “I Love” series of yearly retrospectives, I do my best impersonation of Donald Trump, briefly talking about the origins of Graham Crackers, penicillin, and potato chips.

For those who came in late, the facts I hinted at were all featured in an article on businesspundit.com, and, yes, they are all true.

  1. Graham Crackers were invented by the Rev. Sylvester Graham to curb his followers’ sexual urges through dieting.

  2. Dr. Alexander Fleming forgot to wash off the Staph culture from one of his petri dishes before going on a two-week vacation, leaving the bacteria to die before he could return to the lab, resulting in the inadvertent discovery of penicillin.

  3. George Crum created the potato chip after a patron complained about the cut of his French fries, leading him to cut them as thin as possible, grease-fry them until crisp, and return them to the offending customer, who actually liked the result.

The music I chose to play in the background was Nektar’s instrumental cover of the O’Jays hit, “For the Love of Money,” which reality TV fans instantly identify as the theme song to The Apprentice, a show originally hosted, in a sense, by Trump, himself.

"Trump Nektar" Editing

Once I got everything spliced together, it was, more or less, smooth sailing, right on down to uploading the finished product onto my SoundCloud account.

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