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Time to Play the Game

The focus of today’s Daily Create task was all about finding our happy place, and taking a photo of it. Given that the new WWE 2K16 video game came out today, I decided to take a photo of the place I pre-ordered it from last week – my local GameStop.


The picture, of the exterior of the store in question, was taken moments after purchasing the game with the use of my iPhone. From there, I sent everything to my main computer, which I used to upload it onto my Flickr account and Twitter feed. As for why this was considered a happy place for me, that comes down to the fact that, in an ideal world, anyone who has ever worked harder than they should, deserves a reward for what they do. Since I love video games, and since one of the big releases of the year just came out, it didn’t really take long to play the “divine providence” card for this assignment.

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