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Tricks (and Treats) of the Trade

We conclude the week’s events with a series of blog posts regarding my fellow students, and what they’ve done over the past seven days.

From Stephanie King’s Analyze Movies, You Will
You kept your findings straightforward throughout, and showed me what to look for should I end up watching “The Empire Strikes Back.” This is one of the more honest “checklist” reviews I’ve seen so far. #talkingpolack106

From Tori Lear’s Guess That Fingerspelling!
It really is nice to see a student take the time to incorporate the things they love into their work. I especially enjoy how you also added a bit of Halloween spirit into the mix; Roald Dahl would be proud, if you know what I mean. This is one of the best projects to come out of these weekly assignments I’ve seen in quite a while. #talkingpolack106

From Emma Sax’s Backwards Shapes
This is one of those games that just as tough, as it is simple. I would definitely approve of it appearing on the shelves of a local Toys “R” Us sometime soon. A very creative effort leads to one of your stronger works to date. #talkingpolack106

From Miranda Skinner’s Character Description: Gru
This is one of those short films that everyone, who has yet to see the “Despicable Me” films, needs to see if they’ve been turned off by the overexposure of the Minions. This is one of your better works, by far, in terms of cross-promotion material. #talkingpolack106

From Amanda Wassenberg’s Punkin Adventures – October 30, 2015
The self-portrait story presented here definitely provides the “Wish You Were Here” feeling that such forms of storytelling provide their viewers. From my perspective, it’s one of the better attempts to tie Halloween to a project in some time. #talkingpolack106

I’m Mitchell Eubank, saying, “The only reason I didn’t bring up the topic of WITCHES is because I did so earlier this semester.”

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